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Racecar Engineering™ is extremely committed to preventing all types of Credit Card fraud.  

All NEW CUSTOMERS will ONLY be allowed to have their FIRST ORDER shipped to their Credit Card's BILLING ADDRESS – NO EXCEPTIONS.  

In addition to this, under certain circumstances, new customers MAY be asked via phone or email to provide further proof of identity and verification of card ownership, in order for us to process the first order.  Please be assured that any requested customer information transmitted to RCE will be held at the highest level of confidence.  

Please do not be upset with RCE, we are just doing our due diligence.  Our goal is to protect you, the customer, and ourselves, from any type of credit card or bank fraud.  Once your account has been firmly established with RCE, we will be more than happy to ship your orders to any alternative address of your choice.  

Thank you for your understanding regarding our New Customer Sales Policy.  Please contact us at 800-882-7231 or email us at sales@racecareng.com if you have any questions. 

REMINDER!  We DO NOT Ship Outside of the USA at this time!

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PRODUCT EMISSIONS & CA PROP 65 COMPLIANCE – Racecar Engineering™ fully discloses Product Emissions and California Prop 65 Compliance at the Item Detail level for each and every product sold on this website that is affected by these Federal & State laws and statutes.  For more information, please visit our Sales Policy website page.