IMPORTANT INFO - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operational Status 
(Updated - Thursday - March 4, 2021) - Our 2021 racing season is now in full-swing with February's Speedweeks® 2021 wrapped-up!  Although our Vendor College 2021 was cancelled (click for info), please remember that the Racecar Engineering team is here for you if you need anything for you and your race team to hit the track this season or for any project build you are working-on.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.  We are here to support all of our customers and vendors 100%.  PLEASE REMEMBER - The Green Flag has now dropped for 2021, so please support your local race tracks!  We appreciate everyone's business and we hope to continue to be your Racing & Performance Parts source once again in 2021.

IMPORTANT!  RACECAR ENGINEERING COVID UPDATE & CLARIFICATION - While masks are not required when visiting RCE, we consider ourselves a good corporate citizen and we like to be a role model for others in the business community.   We do HIGHLY encourage mask use when visiting RCE and we do require and enforce, social distancing while on-site and inside our facility.   Racecar Engineering is still fully 100% operational and operating under all current City, County, Federal, State and CDC mandated guidelines and best practices (mandatory self-distancing, deep-cleaning, limited building access, etc.) as we are considered an 'Essential Business' and our Midwest Fulfillment Center is also still fully operational shipping parts to our customers nationwide.  We're running at 100% capacity and shipping parts daily like crazy!  However, please be aware that this can again change at any time.  Please check back here for our latest daily status or follow our Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages for updates.  We are here to help you with your race car or project build if you still elect to do so during this time.  Remember though, we do kindly ask that if you are NOT working on your race car or side projects, please give anything you can to your local Food Bank or Senior Citizen's Center, as to help those others that may not be as fortunate and need help making ends meet under these continuing difficult times.  Please be safe and be smart everyone.  Thank you - The Racecar Engineering Team