Please Help Our Good Friend Derek Spencer

He's known to his thousands of friends and countless people in the racing industry simply as 'Shamu'.  Derek Spencer has been a solid-fixture and friendly face in the Circle Track Racing Industry for decades.  Whether he was working the pits with a Winston Cup® team (Diamond Ridge Motorsports®, Hendrick Motorsports®, Morgan-McClure Motorsports®) or working 'Being-the-Face' for such World Class product manufacturers like Performance Friction® and Five Star Race Car Bodies®, Derek is 'The Gentle Giant' that everyone looks forward to seeing at the professional-venue race tracks, Saturday night short-tracks and annual trade shows event from coast-to-coast.  Derek had just recently started down an exciting new career path with Day Racing Products™ when unfortunately, this thing we know as ‘Hard-Core Reality’ dealt Derek a life-changing challenge.

Our Longtime Friend Derek Spencer ('Shamu') Suffered a Major Health Issue and Really Needs Everyone's Help with his Long Journey Ahead

In mid-August 2020, Derek developed a blood infection from a Diabetes related wound on his leg and this started a chain reaction that caused his Liver and Kidneys to fail, causing fluid to build up on his Heart and Lungs leading to congestive heart failure.  The pressure from the fluid and his being overweight made it hard for him to breathe and Derek ended-up in a coma on a ventilator for over two(2) weeks.  He is semi-alert now and can in a way communicate with his caregivers.  However, the stress that was on his liver caused a buildup of Ammonia in his blood which has left him to be in a very confused state.  Derek was moved from CaroMont Hospital in Gastonia, North Carolina in September 2020 to a long-term critical care facility in Greensboro, North Carolina.  However, due to recent events, the 'Magical Medical Money Machine' may be dictating that Derek be moved again soon to yet another facility due to insurance coverage.  Derek has a very, very long road of recovery ahead of him. UPDATE 2-1-2021:  Derek is now home and continuing his long-term recovery plan.

This is a 'Call to Action' to the Entire Racing Community and Beyond

This is now the time for everyone to step-up to help one of our own.  Regardless if you're in the racing industry or not... Derek is 'Family' to all of us, as he has touched thousands of people's lives over these many decades inside and outside of the racing world.  He's always been the type of guy that would be there if you needed help, so now it's time for his ‘Family of Friends' and the entire racing community to shift into action.  We all want to see is Shamu back at the track someday.  So please just for today, give-up that cup of Starbucks® coffee, that Five-Guys® burger or that take-out pizza for this evening and give what you can to help the 'Mighty Mu'.  Very small $5 donations can ad-up very quickly to make a big difference and help Derek a great deal.  We know that everyone out there right now has their own family & life's challenges during this time of Pandemic, but all we can do is ask from you is to please give if you can.  Derek not only needs to get well in order to get back to the racing career that he enjoys so much, but also back to being whole, so he can once again be a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, and a friend to all.

Bless each and every one of you for your help and silent prayers.  Please join us by sharing this fundraiser information with your friends and do Derek's family a BIG FAVOR... Absolutely FLOOD THE INTERNET with the hashtag... #ShamuStrong!

Ways You Can Help Derek Spencer and the Spencer Family Today

- Donate to the 'Derek Spencer Recovery Fund - #ShamuStrong'™ Fundraiser

A™ donation page has been established by a group of industry friend & trustees to help Derek's family manage his short-term and future long-term care.  To donate to the fund today, please use the following link:™ - 'Derek Spencer Recovery Fund - #ShamuStrong' Fundraising Page

- Purchase an Official '#ShamuStrong' Racing Decal Package

We have volunteered our website platform, our internal graphics production & shipping/logistics services along with this dedicated page free of charge to the Spencer Family.  This is so that they would be able to accept donations from Derek's supporters and his fans that wish to contribute a small amount of money in return for a 'Very Cool' '#ShamuStrong' Decal Package for their race car, race trailer and shop tool box.  We are offering, on behalf of the family, three (3) different '#ShamuStrong' Decal Packages here on our website.  And again to be absolutely clear and transparent, all sales proceeds (excluding In-State Florida Sales Taxes) will go directly to the Spencer family for Derek Spencer's Recovery Fund.  Shipping is absolutely free for all decal orders and all orders will be sent via Untied States Postal Service or Canada Post* and we cannot process orders outside of the USA or Canada. (Sorry - No Overseas Orders)

#ShamuStrong Decals are available in Three (3) different quantity packages to choose from:

- Package 'A' - Two (2) '#ShamuStrong' Decals - $3.00
($1.50 per decal)

- Package 'B' - Four (4) '#ShamuStrong' Decals - $5.00
($1.25 per decal)

- Package 'C' - Ten (10) '#ShamuStrong' Decals - $10.00
($1.00 per decal)

To Place an Order - Please click the link below, select the decal package of your choice to added to the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page on the website.  We offer a 'GUEST CHECKOUT' that is available for your convenience and fast purchase which also includes PAYPAL® as a payment option in addition to all major credit cards.  As a GUEST, you DO NOT NEED to be a customer of Racecar Engineering™ or have an RCE account to order these decal packages.  PLEASE SELECT UPS as Shipping Method and we'll change & send to you via Post Office Carrier Service*.  We will NOT retain any of your information for other than order billing and order tracking purposes.  You will also NOT be sent any type of email other than what is pertains to your decal order to benefit the Spencer family and Derek Spencer Recovery Fund - #ShamuStrong Fundraiser.  You have our absolute guarantee of privacy. 

To Place Your '#ShamuStrong' Decal Package Order Now - Click Here 

*Canadian Shipments will be sent via Canada Post via McColl Racing™ Enterprises and will originate out of their London, Ontario, Canada corporate headquarters. 

Please Keep Helping Spread the Word About The Derek Spencer Recovery Campaign Fund - #ShamuStrong

The Spencer family has setup a dedicated Facebook Support page to keep everyone up-to-date on Derek’s progress during his long road back.  

Please visit the Derek Spencer Recovery Fund - ShamuStrong Facebook page and leave your messages of support to Derek and the Spencer family at:

The Spencer family thanks each of you for your help no matter what level of support you decide.  Please keep Derek and the Spencer family in your thoughts each day.  Again, please join us by sharing this information and the™ fundraiser page with all of your family & friends and just keep flooding the Internet with the hashtag... #ShamuStrong!

Transparency Statement

The™ crowdsourcing/fundraising effort and third-party sales of '#ShamuStrong' racing decals was organized by a group of close industry friends as volunteers and administrators with the 100% blessing and permission of the Spencer family.  Any and all funds raised on the™ platform and also through any third-party for '#ShamuStrong' racing decals will go directly to Derek's future short and long-term medical and life-rebuilding expenses.  Carol Johnson (Derek's mom), Kirk Spencer (Derek's brother) and Diane Foley (Derek's sister) will be sole beneficiaries with access to all funds raised through™ and third-party vendor sales, as the Spencer family are now overseeing all of Derek's medical related and rehabilitation expenses.  If you have any questions, please call the Derek Spencer Recovery Fund Fund Administrators/Trustees at: 269-769-3900.