Safety Equipment has never been such an important topic as it is today, and the importance/emphasis grows each racing season. Therefore, is important to understand what safety products are available, and how they affect the driver's safety.  Each manufacturer has their own recommended sizing and usage charts, as equipment fitment varies from manufacturer-to-manufacturer.

Here in our Technical Center, we have attempted to compile the most recent comprehensive overview of these companies and their products to help you and your driver make an informed and educated decision as to the exact safety equipment you need to be safe while at the track.

Below who will find sizing/fitment guides to help you choose the proper Head and Neck Restraint system  If you need other driver safety gear, please visit our other tech pages for Racing HelmetsRacing Suits, Driving GlovesDriving Shoes, and also Racing Seats.  And always remember, if you have a question about choosing the proper safety equipment, please contact our knowledgeable technical sales staff for assistance.

KNOW THE FACTS - Head & Neck Restraints systems essentially works like an airbag. But instead of inflating a cushion to arrest occupant motion in a collision, it uses a raised collar and two polyester-fabric tethers to secure the driver’s head.  The driver’s shoulder belts hold the tall, stiff collar securely in place. The tethers link the sides of the driver’s helmet to collar anchor points.  When g-loads build during a forward impact, the Head & Neck Restraint systems assures that the driver’s helmeted head moves with his torso so vulnerable neck and skull bones aren’t overloaded.

Primarily made of carbon fiber, the most common brand being the HANS® Device, these type of Head and Neck Restraint devices are shaped like a 'U', but with the back of that 'U' set behind the nape of the neck and the two arms lying flat along the top of the chest over the pectoral muscles. These devices, in general, are supported by the shoulders. It is only attached to the helmet, and not to the belts, the driver's body, or the seat; the helmet is attached to the device with the help of an anchor on each side, much like the Hybrid™ and Hutchens™ style of systems, but placed slightly back. In a properly installed 5 or 6-point racing harness, the belts that cross the driver's upper body directly pass over the HANS device on the driver's shoulders and they buckle at the center of the driver's abdomen. Therefore, these Head and Neck Restraint devices are secured with the body of the driver, not the seat.

Remember, the purpose of any Head and Neck Restraint system is to keep the head from whipping forwards and backwards in a crash, (while also preventing excessive rotational movement, as secondary protection) without otherwise restricting movement of the neck. In other words, it allows the wearer to move their head as normal, but prevents/restricts head movements during a crash that would otherwise exceed the normal articulation range of the skeletal/muscular system and cause severe injury. In any kind of crash, the person's body, which is not protected, is decelerated by the seatbelt with the head maintaining velocity until it is decelerated by the neck. Head and Neck Restrain devices maintain the relative position of the head to the body, in addition to transferring energy to the much stronger chest, torso, shoulder, seatbelts, and seat as the head is decelerated.

Most motorsports sanctioning bodies these days require drivers to wear these life saving devices and we are thankful that motorsports safety has been taken to a new level during the past decade.  No driver with a brain worth protecting, should ever consider racing without some type of approved Head & Neck Restraint System.  Below is a list of Head & Neck Restraint System manufacturers along sizing information and factory technical links.

Safety equipment manufacturers who produce Head and Neck Restraint safety products must meet a specific SFI® quality rating.  The SFI® rating for all approved Head and Neck Restraint products must carry the SFI®38.1 Certification Tag. 

For more detailed information about the SFI® Foundation racing safety standards, please visit: (link opens new page)

IMPORTANT VIDEO NOTE:  The video shown above, clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of wearing a Head and Neck Restrain System. This video is for educational and informational purposes only and Racecar Engineering™ does not endorse any claims made or shown in this video.  The author of this video is unknown and Racecar Engineering™ makes no claim to the copyright of this material.  The true video author is welcome to come forward and claim the copyright to this video at anytime. 

PROPER FITMENT - Having a Head and Neck Restraint system that fits properly is crucial to the driver's safety.  There are several brands and different styles/types of Head and Neck Restraint systems on the market today.  Not only do they come in different sizes, but they also can have different angles between the yoke and collar.  

We encourage all racers to do their due diligence when selecting a Head and Neck Restraint system.  The Technical Sales staff at Racecar Engineering™ are well-versed in these types of safety products and would be happy to point you in the right direction.   

Listed below are the manufacturers that we carry that offer Head and Neck Restraint systems.  Click on any brand or style of system below to find out more about factory sizing information, informative product videos, and also any direct links we have to the factory website, where you can many times find much more detailed fitment information to help you make an educated buying decision.

Accel™ FHR
by Impact™


Hans® Device
by Simpson®


by Simpson®

by NecksGen™

REV2 Lite™
by NecksGen™

SHR Flex™
by Schroth®

by Zamp™

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