As with all racing safety equipment, driving glove fitment is critically important, and the glove user can increase the risk of injury if they are not fitted properly. Please refer to the general driving glove sizing chart below for proper driving glove fitment.  

This chart is for ADULT driving glove sizing only unless certain manufacturers specify YOUTH/JUNIOR sizes in their standard factory chart.  Otherwise, all YOUTH/JUNIOR/CHILDRENS sizes will be shown below in a completely separate chart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Driving glove manufacturers commonly recommend different methods of measuring hands for their brand of glove products.  We have researched the Simpson® Safety specified measuring method and walk your through this here - Step-by-Step.

Properly Measuring Glove Fitment For The Simpson® Safety Brand

  • Locate a soft cloth measuring tape.

  • Wrap cloth measuring tape around your hand and over the knuckles while making a fist.
    DO NOT include the thumb and keep the measuring tape snug.

  • Measure both your left and right hands.  Use the measurement from the largest hand.

  • Refer to the sizing chart below to find your glove size for Simpson® Safety glove products.

Simpson® Safety - Glove Sizing and Fitment Chart***
  Factory Published Glove Size
Hand Measurement
English Units - Inches (in)
Hand Measurement
Metric Units - Centimeters (cm)
EU Size
  Size XXS (Double Extra Small)
5 to 6
12.7 to 15.2
  Size XS (Extra Small)
6 to 7
15.2 to 17.8
  Size S (Small)
7 to 8-1/2
17.8 to 21.6
  Size M (Medium)
8 to 9-1/2
20.3 to 24.1
  Size L (Large)
9 to 10-1/2
22.9 to 26.6
  Size XL (Extra Large)
10 to 11-1/2
25.4 to 29.2

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*** DRIVING GLOVE SIZING/FITMENT CHART DISCLAIMER: This driving glove sizing/fitment chart has been created by Racecar Engineering™ for our customer's reference and ease-of-use using the latest fitment information available from the factory.  Please always refer to the factory website, factory printed materials and factory personnel advice for the latest driving glove information about their brand of safety product.  The Simpson® Safety factory website can be accessed directly at (link opens new page) - Racecar Engineering™ is not responsible for any typographical errors contained in this driving glove sizing chart/fitment material or the end-user's failure to verify & follow factory fitment specifications.